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By Moses T Bility. It's about time: Reconciling the discordant frameworks of quantum theory and general relativity via redefinition of the concept " time " in a non-discrete compressible fluid model of the physical universe.

Quantum Mechanics vs. General Relativity

The theory of everything: Reconciliation of quantum theory and gravitation via redefinition of the concept time in a non-discrete compressible fluid model of the physical universe with interactions governed by the framework of the Wheeler-Feynman-Cramer-Mead transactional handshake theory. By Alexander Ehmann. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer.

Although cosmology has witnessed spectacular progress over the past decade, fundamental problems remain.

Albert Einstein: What Is Unified Field Theory?

Through a judicious unification of general relativity with quantum physics, over the last five years, our team has provided a detailed theoretical paradigm as to what "really" occurred near the big bang. Detailed consequences of this "physics beyond Einstein", including potentially observable effects, will be analyzed in detail using a combination of analytical and numerical techniques. Black hole formation and collisions are violent events where the full non-linearity general relativity is important.

State of the art mathematical tools will be used to describe how these black holes settle down to their final equilibrium. This research will continue to have an impact on a number of disciplines in fundamental science general relativity, cosmology, and quantum physics , areas of pure and applied mathematics functional analysis, geometry and computational science and philosophy of science.

As in the past, Ph. Because the public is fascinated by the fundamental questions that will be addressed, there will also be a significant contribution to outreach through public lectures, articles and reports in semi-popular magazines, electronic media including scientific videos and YouTube clips and an active collaboration with artists interested in representations of the cutting edge scientific ideas. Some full text articles may not yet be available without a charge during the embargo administrative interval.

Some links on this page may take you to non-federal websites. Their policies may differ from this site. Agullo and S. Agullo, A. Ashtekar and W. Linsefors, T. Cailleteau, A. They are Gravitational, Electromagnetic, Electroweak, Color forces or nuclear forces plus another form viz. Thank You.


Physics consists of scalars and Vectors, Quaternions. Physicists are blind to vector energy because they call it Torque. I say the Universe is not expanding because the energy is bounded due to the First derivative has a zero point, meaning there is a boundary.

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The Boundary is the max energy and min size or radius. The non-boundary size of the universe is larger than the max minimum size. This is not the Big bang or expanding.

Sorry, Albert: Physics that challenges Einstein | New Scientist

The closer to the boundary , the closer to the velocity c. The red shift; Einstein wondered why gravity did not collapse the Universe. The vector energy cP is the energy that creates the centrifugal force, the Divergence of the the vector energy, cDel. The Divergence keeps the earth from falling into the sun. If at the universe level macro level the bubbles are uniform, they may not be uniform at the galactic level aka micro level , which in turn would allow us to posit that C is not equal to C where the bubbles are more concentrate or the Planck constant is not equal to the Plank Constant at those locations.

I am definitely not a physicist nor mathematician as is patently obvious , but am a Sci-Fi nut and am always looking for a way to explain how I got to Warp 1. Then insert after that period:.

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The cell idea also allows us to posit that at the big bang, the initial shock wave of "all matter and energy" would face literally ZERO resistance. So that as that shock wave formed bubbles …. For Quantum energy. The frees space is filled with these Quantum components.

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Hello Wardell! Centripetal and Centrifugal forces come into play in an ordinary circular motion, where there is no additional radiating force from the center. In the case of expanding galaxies you have an additional central force of galactic clusters or black hole influencing apart from centripetal force by mere circular motion.

The centripetal force balancing this extraodinary force is just very trivial one, otherwise it should collapse in no time. Newton lived some years ago, and we should not call his assumption to be valid today in non-classical mechanics. There is a central force probably by Dark Matter, which Newton was unaware, and it keeps the galaxies expanding and preventing the galaxies from crumbling to one point which will happen only in Black Hole singularity.

Hello Madanagopal! P produces the Centrifugal force. This not limited to circles, if the centrifugal force is larger there is a spiraling out as is seen. As you see the Dark Energy cP keeps the galaxy from collapsing and keeps it rotating. Newton did not know about Black Holes, because they are none! What are called Black holes are the consequences of gravity causing charged bodies to rotate. Dark matter is a fiction, electromagenetism is fact. Black holes are fiction, the center of the galaxy is the center of the electromagnetic B-field and is intense as the speed increases and the charged bodies moving away from the center because of the increase centrifugal force.

Hello Daniel! There is no Dark energy, or anti-gravitational energy alright!

But will there be some green ,red or color energy which is capable of sending the galaxies apart in an ever expanding universe, at fantastic speed against all the gravitational collapsing energy? These are all experimentally verified facts.